Do more with less

Easy to use tools automate almost every aspect of your league. One administrator will do less work in a fraction of the time - all from a personalized website. On-line registration, payment collection, and score reporting are just the tip of the iceberg.

Cutting edge technology

Tired of manually notifying people of game time/location changes? LeagueLogix schedules are integrated into applications like google calendar and iPhone calendar. Simply login and edit the schedule, then the changes AUTOMATICALLY get propigated and those interested get notified.

Not just a team page

Many of our competitors only offer a website for a single team, with links to other team pages. Why waste money AND time paying for and setting up a site for each team in your league? Sites powered by LeagueLogix are designed to run many teams and even many leagues.

Time saving features no one else has

Allow users to report game scores on the web. An authenticated user reports a game score, and the standings page updates automatically. Any discrepencies get sorted out by the community. Want to lock things down a bit? You got it. Granular configuration options allow only team managers, score reporters or administrators to report scores.

Facilitates excellent communication

On-line schedules, news, TXT reminders, direct manager-to-manger communication, and directions to facilities are just a few examples. Post a news article, upload some picutures, and with click of a button you can notify everyone in a specific league or all leagues.

No more answering the same question twice

No more phone trees and ugly email chains. Dynamic frequently asked questions allow people to post a question, when it gets answered they are notified and the answer is (optionally) put on the web for the rest of the league to see.