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Frequently asked questions
How am I charged? (Premium only)

It is a service, so you only pay for what you use. $9 per team, per league, per season is due two weeks after the start of the 1st game in a given league. We feel (as do our customers) that this is a more logical way to do business when dealing with sports leagues. The fee can be rolled into your league dues, and if teams/players back out at the last minute - you don't take the hit.

Example: A site has 2 leagues, 10 teams in each league. League 1's first game is on March 2nd, league 2's is on May 3rd. $80 will due on March 16th, and another $80 due May 17th.

Do I have to pay when my league is not running? (Premium only)

No. You are only charged one time at the beginning of a league, the features of the site can be used for the rest of the year free of charge.

I already have a Basic (free) site, how do I upgrade to Premium?

Login as an administrator to your site, then click on the settings tab at the top.

What forms of payment do you accept? (Premium only)

Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Paypal, and check (with pre-approval).

Unlimted files/photos?

Yep. You will only be limited if we detect you are abusing the system. 5MB max size per file.

How do you handle custom domain names? (Premium only)

So you can begin using your site right away, we make you pick a subdomain (http://myleague.leaguelogix.com). Once you have signed up, you will recieve an email with instructions for setting up a custom domain. If you do not already own a domain, we can set one up for you for a small fee.